Engraved Presentation Military Knives to Honor Armed Forces Day

Consider giving engraved presentation military knives this Armed Forces Day, to honor your friends and family members serving in the U.S. military.



Armed Forces Day, celebrated the third Saturday in May, caps the end of Armed Forces Week. May is celebrated in the United States as Military Appreciation Month and includes Memorial Day and Military Spouse Appreciation Day. 


There’s no better time to honor the bravery of our current, former and departed service members and what better way to acknowledge their sacrifices than with the gift of high-quality, personalized military knives. 


KA-BAR U.S. Navy Engraved Presentation Knife Set


The KA-BAR 1225 Navy knife has been a legend among American sailors since World War II. Carefully crafted to the original KA-BAR design and specifications for more than a half-century, its seven-inch blade proudly carries the Navy stamp on its tang. 


Choose your personalization for the blade and we will inscribe it using our special diamond engravers cut that will never wear away.


This knife comes housed in solid walnut presentation box bearing the U.S. Navy emblem and a three-inch brass disc for adding your own dedication. This engraved Navy knife also includes a riveted leather sheath.


KA-BAR Engraved Presentation USMC Display Knife 


You will be proud to give your Marine the KA-BAR 1217 USMC knife presentation display set. This knife is made to this day using the 1942 Ordinance drawings issued by the U.S. War Department. 


The hand-honed carbon steel blade carries the USMC mark. Personalize it for your loved one with permanent engraving on the blade. To proudly display the 1217, this set includes an acrylic display case with a wood base. The case bears the USMC logo and a brass engraving disc so you an convey your special message. 


KA-BAR U.S. Army Engraved Knife Presentation Set


The KA-BAR 1220 Army knife bears the U.S. Army tang stamp and sheath. Personalize the shaving-sharp seven-inch blade with our special diamond engravers cut that will endure for as long as the recipient has this legendary knife.


The solid American walnut presentation box bears the U.S. Army emblem and includes a two-inch brass plate for your own custom engraving. This set also includes a riveted leather sheath.


Personalization and engraving are included free on all our military presentation knives as well as on the presentation box or display case. We also ship all our engraved military knives to you for free. You can see all our presentation military knife sets on our secure and easy-to-use website. You can order online or give us a call for help. 


Knives Engraved is proud to be a veteran-owned company. We do all engraving in-house and our products include a full factory warranty. Our goal is 100 percent customer satisfaction and we will work hard to ensure that you have the perfect Armed Forces day gift for your American hero.


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