How to Clean & Store Engraved Chef’s Knives

Engraved chef’s knives make the ideal gift for the culinary aficionado in your life. 

how to clean and store engraved chefs knives


Whether for use in the restaurant kitchen or at home, a good quality chef’s knife will serve its owner well for decades if it’s given the proper care. Clean, store or use it incorrectly, however, and even the best knives won’t hold up well for long.


So what are the proper methods for cleaning, storing and maintaining engraved chef’s knives? 


How to Clean Engraved Chef’s Knives

Do you soak your chef’s knives in water or stick them in the dishwasher? If so, you may be courting disasteras this allows your beautiful blade to come in contact with silverware or dishesdinging and dulling it over time. Dishwasher detergent is harsh on both the blade and handle, with the potential to cause substantial damage. 


Washing a knife by hand is the best way to help keep it sharp. It’s up to you, but many chefs believe that cleaning their knives with dish soap causes a slight pitting of the metal. Over time, this can lead to dullness and the eventual degradation of the blade. 


After you've washed your knife, thoroughly dry it with a soft cloth before putting it away. Carbon steel blades will rust if you don’t make sure they’re completely dry. Stainless blades won’t typically rust but dry them anyway to be safe. If you notice any rust spots, you can try a little white vinegar or simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to Store Engraved Chef’s Knives

How you store your engraved knife is an important part of maintaining the edge of your blades. 


Storing your knives in a drawer, lying next to silverware or other kitchen tools, can dull the blade. Not to mention that rummaging around for a sharp knife is a recipe for disaster. A wood knife block or magnetic knife strip will help to keep the blades from encountering edge-dulling objects and make retrieving a sharp knife less of a risk to your hands and fingers. 


If you must store your knife in a drawer, make sure to put it in a protective sheath. Just make sure to clean and dry it well before sheathing.

How to Maintain Engraved Chef’s Knives 


If you use a little common sense, you can keep your chef’s knives forever. 


It goes with saying that using your knife as a prybar or a screwdriver will dull your blade faster than lightning and a quality knife should only be used for one purpose...cutting. But that doesn’t mean you can cut anything (despite what you might see in TV commercials). For example, don’t try to cut frozen objects or anything overly hard (e.g., bones). 


Your cutting surface matters too – a lot. Cutting on a metal, stone or glass surface will dull or damage your blade. Even some types of wood (such as bamboo) are hard on a good chef’s knife blade. 


Finally, as you’re using your knife, keep a smooth, steady pressure on the blade, taking care not to twist the knife. Depending on what you’re cutting, this can weaken or damage a good knife blade.


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