Why Sharp Knives Are Safer than Dull Knives

Sharp knives make any kitchen task easier, faster and more pleasant – but did you know a sharp knife is much safe to use than a dull one? 

Chefs and kitchen workers know this to be true but, today, we have research to prove it.

sharp knives  

The scientific reason for this phenomenon has to do with something called force exposure. Of course, a sharp knife offers a variety of other benefits for kitchen pros and home cooks alike. When you go shopping for a new chef’s knife, choose the one that will maintain a sharp blade the longest, and get its edge back the quickest.

Sharp Knives, Force Exposure & Safety  

Sharp knives are significantly safer than dull ones, and we have studies to prove it. The reason has to do with a physics phenomenon known as force exposure.   

The sharper your blade, the less downward force you must use to cut whatever it is you’re using the knife on. The duller your blade, the harder you have to push down to make a cut. The harder you press, the more likely your knife is to slip or get out of control.   

So, if your knife slips as you’re pushing pushing pushing in an attempt to cut through a vegetable or piece of meat, you’re more likely to cause significant injury if the blade comes into contact with your skin.  

Other Benefits of Sharp Knives  

Beyond the phenomenon of force exposure, a sharp knife is less likely to cause orthopedic and musculoskeletal problems. The force necessary to use a full knife can cause carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, sprains, strains and other repetitive motion problems.  

Sharp knives also allow you to complete your cutting tasks about 40 percent more quickly than a dull knife.  

Finally, if you do accidentally cut yourself with a sharp knife, the cut will have clean edges. A clean cut often heals almost instantly, if you clean it and apply a clean bandage. A dull knife, on the other hand, creates a jagged wound more like a tear than a cut. These wounds, if severe, often require stitches.  

Choosing Chef’s Knives for Maximum Sharpness  

Many home cooks believe that the secret to keeping a sharp knife is the right honing block or technique.   

Although you do have to take some steps to maintain your knife’s edge, the real secret to keeping a sharp knife is buying a high-quality chef’s knife. A good knife will keep its edge longer, and it’s easier to hone.   

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